Iqbal Fatima Khan

15th March 1934 - 09th June 1992
Iqbal Fatima Khan Memorial Trust – IFKMT, is a social welfare organization whose primary objective is to work towards upliftment of the poor, orphans, underprivileged, handicapped in our society and in addition- to make all possible efforts to improve the natural environment around us by planning plantation drives, educating and creating awareness in schools and the society at large on the positive & negative effects of plantations, increasing green cover, waste management viz a viz deforestation & wastage of natural resources etc.

The history of IFKMT starts with our Mother in whose memory & name this trust is formed. It is an endeavor to continue the work she was quietly performing all through her life to provide equal opportunities to the underprivileged to support themselves & become independent, ensuring future generations are healthy, educated & self-reliant

Trust Board Details:

Senior Corporate Professional and an environment & animal lover.

Javed Khan (Managing Trustee)-

Home-maker and A trained textile desi gner.

Ghazala Javed Khan (Trustee)

A Senior Corporate HR professional. Mentor & Leadership Coach

Anshumal Dikshit (trustee)

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