About Us

Iqbal Fatima Khan

15th March 1934 - 09th June 1992

In the world we live in not everyone is fortunate enough to lead a well provided life. While it is popularly said that every child has a right to education & every human has a right to basic needs, we have known & seen (in-fact we see daily) how millions don’t even have access to clean water to drink or get a decent meal once a day, leave alone have a shelter to sleep in or clothes to cover their bodies. Though this is a larger issue, however small steps & efforts can and will make a difference in the lives of a few, if not many. With this thought in mind & heart IFKMT has been formed. Broadly speaking IFKMT will focus on four primary objectives. Thru these objectives we wish to continue the good work and the legacy of our beloved mother.

Our Causes

Every Organisation has start with some special Causes
These are our main causes for start this trust

Education For Every Child:
Education to provide education to a child or an Orphan so that he can stand on his own feet & have an equal opportunity to make a better life for himself & his future generations. Thus making that many more lives self-reliant.

Subsistence :
Millions find it difficult to survive on a daily basis. Then there are widows who are unfortunately left alone in this word with no means to provide for themselves.IFKMT will provide & support with an aim to secure a financially & socially respectable standard of life.

A Global concern.  Our beautiful physical world has since been consumed irrationally to the extent that we are faced with grave consequences which can no longer be termed as natural disasters. Every little effort & step counts & IFKMT will contribute in two steps.

Health care :
Basic health care is fast becoming an expensive privilege & getting out of reach for many. For the underprivileged medical assistance is seen as a dream. IFKMT will try & provide this facility to the needy.  It will also be an endeavor to provide assistance to the physically challenged.

Iqbal Fatima Khan Memorial Trust

Iqbal Fatima Khan Memorial Trust – IFKMT, is a social welfare organization whose primary objective is to work towards upliftment of the poor, orphans, underprivileged, handicapped in our society and in addition- to make all possible efforts to improve the natural environment around us by planning planation drives, educating and creating awareness in schools and the society at large on the positive & negative effects of plantations, increasing green cover, waste management viz a viz deforestation & wastage of natural resources etc